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Supported Devices

Supported Products

The following products are compatible with products and services from the Gofree Shop:

Platform Product Name Version
Mark-4-chirp-ff_50 Lowrance Mark-4 CHIRP All Versions
Mark-4-hdi_left_md Lowrance Mark-4 HDI
Ver. 4.0 or later
Hook Lowrance HOOK All Versions
Trophy_5_13816 Lowrance Trophy Baja All Versions
Elite-4-chirp_50 Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP All Versions
Elite-4-hdi Lowrance Elite-4 HDI
Ver. 4.0 or later
Elite5chirp Lowrance Elite-5 CHIRP
Ver. 4.0 or later
Elite-5_hdi_with_genesis_map_thumb Lowrance Elite-5 HDI
Ver. 4.0 or later
Elite-7-hdi_l_md_thumb Lowrance Elite-7
Ver. 4.0 or later
Elite7chirp Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP
Ver. 4.0 or later
Elite-9-chirp_50 Lowrance Elite-9 CHIRP All Versions
Elite-ti-7_lg Lowrance Elite Touch All versions
Thumb_gen2-with-orchard-lake-at5-fw Lowrance HDS Gen2
Ver. 2.5 or later
Hds-gen2-touch Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch
Ver. 2.5 or later
12_lfh_50 Lowrance HDS Gen3 All Versions
Nse8_with_at5 Simrad Yachting NSE
Versions 4.0 or later
Thumb_nss8_left_2530_unit_shot_wat5 Simrad Yachting NSS Sport
Versions 3.0 or later
Nss2 Simrad Yachting NSS evo2 All Versions
Nsoevo2_ff_nso_evo2_64 Simrad Yachting NSO evo2 All Versions
Go7_ff_list Simrad Yachting GO All Versions
Zeus-touch-12_1-group B&G Zeus Touch
Version or later
Zeus2_12_1_listing B&G Zeus2 All Versions
Zeus2-black-box-front_listing B&G Zeus2 Glass Helm All Versions
Us-vulcan_7_1 B&G Vulcan All Versions

Watch for many more compatible products coming soon!